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Justin Bieber Facts

Justin Bieber Facts


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Anonymous asked: beiber is an awful person

No he is definitely not. Calling someone awful won’t make you pretty or cool or smart or anything else! All it’s gonna do is create a bad impression of you on others and here it refers to Me!
Also anon, life is too short to hate others
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I feel so bad

There is some technical problem and so I am not able to load tumblr in my computer!
? Help?
I am trying to upload the pictures through my phone but they are a difficult task
Please note this and think if you can help me…

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Anonymous asked: Justin visited Seminole High School because we won a Grammy for our music department, not for charity. He was rude and horrible too. He refused to sing for us and stayed for 5 minutes. I was there, I would know.

He is going through a lot and moreover he and selena need each other
He needs her to be stable and continue the career that he built
He was horrible maybe but that’s not obvious of him according to me
He may refuse to sing because of his own schedules
Please try to understand as I do
He isn’t this kind
He’s the king of hearts♥